Safety At Sea

Ballybunion Sea and Cliff Rescue gives guidance for those going out to sea, Here are some top sea safety tips

Top Safety Tips

For those going out to sea, the top sea safety tips are:

  1. Wear a lifejacket
  2. Get relevant training
  3. Carry a means of calling for help
  4. Check engine and fuel
  5. Tell others where you are going
  6. Check weather and tides.

For those heading to the beach, the RNLI’s top five beach safety tips are always swim at a lifeguarded beach, between the red and yellow flags, never use inflatables in strong winds or rough seas.

Check tide times before you go if you get into trouble, stick your hand in the air and shout for help,

If you see someone else in trouble, tell a lifeguard. If you can’t see a lifeguard, call 999 or 112 and ask for the Coastguard.

Weather Advice

Always check the weather before you set off. Be prepared to change your plans or cancel the trip if the forecast is unfavourable.

In addition to the forecasts on national and local radio and TV, here is a selection of the best places to get weather information.

Coastguard broadcasts weather forecasts on VHF radio on various channels following an announcement on Ch16 many harbour and marina offices display a forecast. Navtex receivers provide printed forecasts and navigational information from radio signals Marinecall provides telephone, fax, web or email services. many forecasting websites are available online with easy-to-read information