In case of an Emergency call 999

Earlier this month Frank O Connor retired from Ballybunion Sea & Cliff Rescue having spent 37 years serving the community.

Frank was one of the original members who attended the first meeting back in 1986 and he held various positions including PRO and Chairman during his service. Instrumental in the development of our first aid side of the service, Frank secured the first two defibrillators for the town back in 2005 for use by us.

When we build, we build on the shoulders of those that came before us. And to this end, Frankie was made an Honorary member immediately upon his retirement to acknowledge the tremendous time, effort and service he has put into the organisation since its inception.

If you can, listen to Radio Kerry today (22nd January 2024) at 2pm when he will be on with Deirdre Walsh on Talkabout.